About Us

We love wildlife sightseeing. While in Juneau, Alaska, we were on one of Captain Larry's whale and orca watching tours. If you find yourself in Juneau, this is a must. Anyway, while on that trip, we were talking with Captain Larry and his first mate. As it turns out, lots of the naturalists who work in Alaska spend their winters in Maui, basically, with the same whales. While discussing this, the first mate's eyes glazed over and he just said, 'This is nothing, you should see Maui in winter.' So we did!

I had been in Lahaina once before as this was a port of call on the cruise I was on. Cruises rarely do a port justice, but I did see Lahania Shores and made a note that if I ever got to come back, that is where I wanted to stay. After the Alaska trip, we knew we were going to Maui, and I knew where we were going to stay. We made a reservation for an 11 night stay the following January. We were both a little concerned that there would be enough to do to keep us interested for that long. As the plane landed at Kahului, we just said to each other that it was only 11 days and if we didn't like it, we just wouldn't come back.

The next year, and the next three years, we came for the month of February and regretted that we'd chosen such a short month! With each visit, we did more and more research looking at real estate, and pricing units at Lahaina Shores. It was a pretty easy decision for us that this was where we wanted to be. So, on that last visit, we chose a realtor, and waited for something to come on the market. Clearly, it all worked out!

They Say ...

You have a beautiful and 'zen' place. We enjoyed every sunset by the porch. Coffee every morning was peaceful & full of dreams. Hope to be back. Thanks for sharing.

Greg & Mary
Penthouse 5

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a home away from home in Maui for every guest to experience. Whether you prefer to prepare gourmet meals, or eat out every night. Watch sports on TV or sip a cocktail watching the Pacific. The Penthouses are the perfect place for you.

Be sure to take a look at our Photo pages as the place is just beautiful. Please use one of the Reserve tabs to ask a question, or to let us know when you would like to enjoy the best place in Maui.

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