Things to Know During Your Stay

While Packing bring fewer clothes than you think you'll need. Shoes give way to flip-flops, so leave the socks at home. Everything in Maui is casual. Do bring a nice pair of binoculars, a good book you've been meaning to read, or that hobby you wish you would start. Oh, and your finest flip-flops!

If you like to start your day with coffee, please pack some as our current cleaning company does not leave a starter pack of coffee. They do leave towels, wash cloths, soap, shampoo, dishwasher detergent and other supplies to get you started, just not coffee. There is a convenience store next door, and a grocery store a 17 minute walk away.

Lahaina Shores is a no smoking facility throughout. Its a breath of fresh Pacific air.

If flowers make your day, Fukushima Flowers is an excellent choice for beautiful arrangements or bouquets for any special event, or just for every day. They can really set up the Penthouse nicely in advance of your stay celebrating a special occasion or life event.

We have created a booklet containing copies of the operating manuals for all of the electronic and electric equipment and appliances which is stored in the cabinet under the television in the living room. You may also access these manuals online by clicking here.

There is an Expedia Information and Destination Desk in the Lahaina Shores lobby area. The morning after you arrive, the representative does a travel talk by the pool with coffee and danish. This is a great way way to get your bearings and start making plans on how to spend your visit. The Desk is also open every day for private consultation. At many of the attractions, Expedia has the best seats already held, so this is a great way to go. I've found the representatives to be very friendly and easy to work with. If you happen to oversleep that first morning, no worries as you can go any morning.

Gas Grills are located on the end of the building away from the 505 complex. Just head out the door toward the pool and take a left. When you get there, you will find two gas grills. There can be a wait, but that's unusual. Also, if you are cooking just for two or so, don't be surprised if someone offers you half their grill. I'm not sure why, but the grillers seem to always be a friendly lot.

There are Laundry Facilities on floors 2-6 of Lahaina Shores. Of course, as you are staying in the Penthouse, you will find a washer/dryer tucked away in the laundry closet and your use is complimentary. We find it very handy to be able to run a quick load, and it certainly cuts down on the amount of clothes you will need to bring on a longer stay.

Parking is available for an additional $3.50/day, which is discounted from the regular rate of $8.00/day. At check in, you can choose from either the Top Lot or the 505 Lot. The Top Lot is directly in front of the lobby. The 505 Lot is adjacent and under the Shops at 505. The Top Lot is a bit closer, but your car will stay cool in the 505 Lot. (Rates subject to change)

Rental Cars are a personal choice. I've met many people who come to Lahaina Shores year after year. Some don't even rent a car at all. They get a cab from the airport, and walk everywhere they want to go. Lahaina Town is so near, and the walk is so pleasant, you'll want to take that walk even if you do rent a car. Others rent a car for the first and last parts of their stay, and plan their vacation accordingly, while others just want the convenience of having a car available. There is a new service in town that rents very small cars on a short term basis. I'm going to have to research this further. I need go to back to Maui!

While a personal preference, we have noticed that if we leave our shoes by the front door, we don't track sand and grit around the apartment, making it much nicer to walk around barefoot.

If you will be snorkeling or swimming, we strongly encourage you to use a reef safe sunscreen for the protection of the many reefs, coral, and reef life around Maui. These are available everywhere at reasonable cost, and at all Pacific Whale Foundation stores.

You can pick up the sunscreen, a prescription, souvenirs, and a Maui beef steak for the grill at Longs Drugs. This is a very interesting assortment of items located at the end of Cannery Mall, and certainly worth a stop even if you didn't forget anything and is now a part of the CVS network. That said, if you are after a prescription refill, and use Walgreens back home like I do, you can order a refill online and pick it up in Lahaina without any hassle. There is a Walgreens pharmacy on Prison Street inside a medical clinic, which is only a couple of blocks away, and a full store across the highway from the Cannery Mall.

In the unfortunate event you need medical care while you are visiting, there are several urgent care clinics in the area. We have used and like Sean Gupton, M.D. at Minit Medical in the Gateway Mall across from the Cannery Mall. If your illness or injury requires emergency care, dial 911.

Wondering which ultra fresh fruits or vegetables you can take home with you? Click HERE for the official list from the USDA. Of course, there are plenty of options for having fresh pineapples, papaya, or maui onions delivered to your door.

They Say ...

David Ė we loved the place. You are a lucky man to have such a fabulous home, in such a fantastic location. †The whale viewing was incredible.

This was a dive trip with a buddy.† I would love to bring my wife, and stay with you in the future. On one dive (off West Maui), I had a roughly 200lb turtle approach and swim around me.† He hovered in front of me, face to face (his head was as big as mine too) for a few minutes, literally. In the background, I could hear the sounds of the whales frolicking/singing, loudly - and close by.† Iíll never forget it.†

Penthouse 5

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to create a home away from home in Maui for every guest to experience. Whether you prefer to prepare gourmet meals, or eat out every night. Watch sports on TV or sip a cocktail watching the Pacific. The Penthouses are the perfect place for you.

Be sure to take a look at our Photo pages as the place is just beautiful. Please use one of the Reserve tabs to ask a question, or to let us know when you would like to enjoy the best place in Maui.

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